How will your office cope?

Is Your Office COVID-19 Ready?

Written by Evelyn Rosa

Covid is here in Perth and it’s inevitable that you and your staff will at some stage have to self-isolate and/or take time off due to Covid 19 exposure or illness.

There is also a very real potential that a covid positive person will enter your office. The likelihood of being short staffed due to any number of covid scenarios is very real.

What will you do if you get sick? Are you willing to risk losing clients because they can’t contact you or anyone else in your business? Do you have a backup plan to ensure your business is not adversely affected and can still operate? Phones still need to be answered, payroll and bookkeeping still needs to be processed and general admin still needs to occur.

Allowing your staff to work from home is fantastic, but this alone won’t ensure your business is fully protected if your staff get sick and cannot work due to Covid exposure or illness.

Don’t leave it until disaster hits – give yourself the peace of mind that you have a contingency plan in place ensuring that your business has no downtime whatsoever.

Regardless of whether you are a sole trader, or if you have a team of staff, preparing now could save you and your clients a lot of heartache and grief down the track. It will also give you the peace of mind that you and your staff can safely take time to recover knowing there is someone that has your back.

For a very minimal cost (and with no lock-in contracts), you can get a personalised phone answering service in place that can assist with answering your phones and helping your business in the event that you are left short staffed with little to no notice.

Whether it’s for all of your calls, overflow calls, or just when you need us, we are able to step in and keep your business operational.

People are more likely to leave a message and await a returned call if they speak to an actual person rather than an impersonal message bank where it is very easy to just hang up.

In addition to phone answering, we are also able to provide remote secretarial and administrative services, together with remote bookkeeping and payroll support.

We also have private meeting spaces and individual corporate offices available in our Welshpool office that can be hired on flexible terms (including hourly, daily, weekly or monthly).

NOW is when you need to act to ensure you have full contingency plans in place and the administrative side of your business is not at risk.